Abdulhamed Aleesa

Research Assistant


Abdulhamed Aleesa is an international student from Kuwait and a senior at the University of Kansas. He expects to graduate in the spring of 2023 with a B.A. in psychology and sociology. Furthermore, he intends to pursue higher studies in either clinical or counseling psychology.

Research interests include: Mental health, counseling, and different clinical and counseling intervention methods. Patterns of thinking and maladaptive schemas, assessing the psychological functioning of individuals during depressive episodes and recovery periods. What exactly leads to depressive thoughts and thinking, and how do escape such episodes. How do depressed individuals cope with varying levels of depression while being on or off medicine? The role of personality type, personality disorder, and family upbringing in shaping one’s worldview and ways of dealing with stress, stressors, and negative emotions. Is all the theoretical side of psychology bad/hard to measure nowadays? How much of Freudian and Jungian theory still holds today? How valid and reliable is it to combine theoretical and clinically proven techniques together? How big is the room for improvisation in clinical settings?

Finally, can a healthy lifestyle with a supporting circle of friends and loved ones and dedication to a hobby or holding a job that one is passionate about being able to supplant the role of medication? What if one is diagnosed with clinical depression and is unable to function while being medicated? What is the best way to lessen the symptoms of such an individual?


  • Fall 2022, Research Assistant
  • Spring 2023, Research Assistant


  • University of Kansas | Lawrence, KS, USA
    Psychology and Sociology Major