For Undergraduate Students

The lab is frequently home to undergraduate students from the Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience departments (and occasionally others).

Undergraduate students work as research assistants, learning about the scientific method and assisting in the collection and processing of research data. Many enroll in PSYC 480 and receive credit hours for this work. Research assistants attend weekly lab meetings and can expect a letter of recommendation from Dr. Girard describing their work in and contributions to the lab (please give one month of advanced notice). Opportunities to earn co-authorship on research products (e.g., conference presentations) are also occasionally offered to advanced research assistants.

Honors students will also occasionally design and complete an independent research project (i.e., honors thesis) under the supervision of Dr. Girard over the course of their senior year. These students typically apply for (and have often won) research awards of $1000 from the Center for Undergraduate Research and make oral or poster presentations about their work at the Undergraduate Research Symposium.

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For Prospective Graduate Students

The KU Psychology Department grants doctoral degrees (i.e., PhDs) in three tracks: Brain, Behavior, and Quantitative Science (BBQ); Clinical Psychological Science (CPS); and Social Psychology; note that the department does not offer a terminal Masters degree and that the CPS program is focused on adults rather than children.

Dr. Girard advises graduate students in the BBQ and CPS tracks and is a particularly good match for students with interests that span both areas (e.g., CPS students interested in advanced methods or BBQ students interested in medical applications).

Graduate students will complete coursework in the department and conduct research in the lab. They will receive a world-class education in the scientific method and have many opportunities to contribute to ongoing research projects.

More information about each admissions cycle can be found on the News page.

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For Prospective Postdocs and Staff

Postdoctoral fellowships and other staff positions in the lab will be made available as funding permits. Please check the News page for more information.